“Love it, love it, love it!!! The piano is in our dining room and matches the dining room furniture perfectly. We couldn’t have matched it any better. The on-line picture of the piano did not do this piano justice. We’re very pleased and we loved hearing Paschall play. Thanks so much for staying in touch with us during the transaction. Kathy Harris Bob Norton”

– B.N.

“Yeay – it’s so lovely! We are so thrilled. Very reasonable and great service. Thanks again, Pascal.”

– Karla

“Good morning Pascal. I wanted to write a quick email to thank you for finding (and delivering) our piano for us. It is exactly what we were hoping to find and we could not be happier. If you ever want a customer recommendation, please feel free to give people my email address and I would be very happy to write a testimonial. Thank you also for the bench – not only did you save us the extra $50 but you were absolutely right (of course) – Xander definitely needs an adjustable bench! Thank you again – it was a pleasure to meet you and I will highly recommend your services to my friends here in Marietta. All the best.”

– Lara Call

“Good day Pascal , The piano eventually arrived in South Africa at my home on Friday. We set it up and it had it’s first tuning on Saturday (41/2) hours! I am satisfied with the purchase and wish to thank you for your assistance. O Kind regards.”

– Willie v/d Schyff

” After playing this piano for a few days, I have to tell you how utterly pleased I am that I bought it from you. The sound of this piano is incredible. It plays beautifully and I have been catching my 10 year old on it a lot. It has made me smile. Thanks again. If I find anyone who is looking for any keyboard, I will send them your way… . ”

– Steve Huys Norcross, GA

“Your website music is awesome, great taste!.”

– ..,

“We are thoroughly enjoying our two pianos delivered yesterday. The sound is truly beautiful, as you said. The volume can be very big or very light. I can’t believe a piano could be made so well! Thank you for encouraging me to get the Grotrian. The Baldwin grand piano is fun, very shiny and a very pleasing sound! Thank you for such a good bargain. Our kids and grandkids are thrilled with it. I am anxious to play it some more. Curtis and Sean were very sweet. I guess they know a good guy to work for and with once they found you! We hope they had a good trip. Best luck with your business, your family and chihuahua!. .”

– Stuart and Georgene Grossman, NC
2000 Baldwin 5’2 pianovelle 1988 Grotrian Steinweg professional upright

” This is an ebay customer feedback: Positive feedback rating I was very happy with service, product, shipping, packing & delivery to virgin islands”

– m.v., v.i

“Hey Pascal – I just wanted to thank you again for your help! Your guys were really great for fighting the snow here in KY and did an awesome job getting the piano in the house. I’m looking forward to summer to make some repairs on the case – it’ll be superb in no time! It really does sound good and has great range. I’ll get it tuned in a few weeks. Again, thank you.”

– Glenn Griffin, KY

“We’ve got the piano delivered this morning. I’m very much satisfied with the piano so far. Curtis and his brother were great. They kept me informed the whole time where they were and when they could get to my place. Thank you for such a professional service and doing a great business. Best Regards,”

– Dan Tran., TX

“Pascal, I’m so excited about the piano you picked out for me. It’s absolutely beautiful and exactly what I was looking for. It sounds simply wonderful. My students have all assured me they are going to practice more. I cannot say enough about Curtis. He was so friendly and jovial. You are correct! He is one strong guy. Thank you so much.”

– T.., Iowa

“Thanks to Pascal and Curtis for moving our family heirloom Wurlitzer from a Duluth storage unit up two flights of stairs to our apartment in Alpharetta! Service was professional, efficient, and the most reasonable price! After keeping in close contact with you guys for weeks about this move, I truly see that your hearts are in the business of bringing music in to peoples’ lives. You’ve brought such beautiful music in to my marriage now that we have the family piano. Thanks for all you do!”

– A.E., Georgia

“I have been meaning to write a review. Because of your great prices, I was able to get a better price at a local retailer. Thank you for your patience on the phone and being willing to answer so many questions from me. We love the digital baby grand”

– N.S., Fl

“Wow! We love our piano and the delivery was great! Very professional! Our Mason and Hamlin is a welcomed addition and has brought our plaing to a whole new level. Thanks again! ”

– T.M., AL

“Hi Pascal, hope all is well. The yamaha C3 sounds great. My son just turned 14 www.christophermcginnis.com checkout his audition for the grammy band and him performing with the Army band both on his home page LIVE Videos. The grammy band audition is with the C3 he is one of the finalists. Hope all is well, its been 5 years and the piano is GREAT!”

– c.m., ny

“Great Service for the money paid. Very competent. I will recommend using service.”

– S.., GA

“This is to let you know that my beautiful Baldwin piano was delivered this morning at nine-forty and the movers did a marvelous job and were very kind. The piano is fantastic. I have not been so excited since I was a little girl. I have been playing it for anyone who will listen to me. And what is even better is it is all mine. I went down to my insurance company and had a rider placed on my policy for the piano. Just to protect my newly acquired treasure. Thank you so much. And thank you for the note that you appended to the piano. That was so thoughtful.”

– Kathryn Starring, NV

” Good afternoon Lorelle, Sunday morning the piano arrived and Mr. Phillips and his assistant put it together in a very effecient timeframe. The piano was everything that I had hoped it would be and the sound is wonderful. I am very pleased with the purchase. Please let Pascal know that he suggested a great instrument! Sincerely.”

-J. Theodore Anderson, VA

“The best of service with a wonderful guy. Thanks, Pascal, for the great communications and moving a piano so very fast. You did the job beyond my wildest expectations and did it for a very reasonable price. I can not more highly recommend you to anyone who needs your services.”

– M.M., GA

“I purchased a piano and everything was great. The delivery and set up was great. I also got a very good deal and they set up the wireless player system very nicely. I would definitely recommended using A440 for all piano needs. Great customer service and quick and easy set up.”

– M.J., fl

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